How to Get Your Customers into the Habit of Buying From You

To get your customers into the habit of buying from you, you need to lay a solid foundation. This foundation is based on a deep understanding of human nature. You can apply that understanding to your marketing in 2 ways:

  1. To increase desire for your products and services
  2. To eliminate buying objections (preferably before the customer even thinks of the objection)

The next step is to  tie it all together into a system, so that you won’t have to worry about losing sales anymore.

I call my system the 9 Buyers System. The 9 Buyers System is a blend of proven methods take full advantage of the latest in brain science, so that you can systematically improve sales.

The heart of this system involves connecting with your customers and resonating with their emotions.

To do that, you need to ask yourself very specific questions about your market. The answers to these questions will help your customers feel you “get” them.

Once the customer understand that you “get” them, the rest of the system is a simple matter of applying what you know to your messaging to increase desire and reduce objections.

When you do this right, the customer believes buying your product the right thing to do.

And they feel good about their decision because the objections are gone. So, all that’s left is a strong desire to move forward.

The ideas you’re trying to get across are:

  1. This decisions is right for them
  2. They’re appreciated
  3. Others will see them as a success
  4. They belong here… in your business or in your community
  5. They understand everything correctly
  6. It’s safe for them to use everything you’re offering
  7. The experience is going to be fun
  8. They’re in control
  9. They’re welcome here… in your business or in your community

See, when you market using the 9 Buyers System, you’re keeping an eye on the details that other businesses overlook… and making  sure your customer’s values, dreams, and hidden desires are acknowledged and supported.

The hidden desires are especially important.

Remember, they’re hidden for a reason.

Let’s take an example: What’s a common hidden desire among students who respect their teachers? They want the teacher to see them as successful…they want their approval.

People want to be seen by others with a higher status in a good light.This kind of approval feels like a warm glow. And that warm glow gets reflected back on the person who offered it.

It’s no different with your customers.

That’s one reason why The 9 Buyers System is so effective at getting results.

It gives you a special marketing x-ray vision, which makes juicing up your message easier and more powerful.

When  they read your marketing messages, the customer will feel like you are talking to them as a trusted friend.

That’s the power of The 9 Buyers System.

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