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Welcome to the Action Cue Formula Quiz!

Let me ask you a quick question: Do your customers take action?

I’m sure you’ve noticed this, but it can be incredibly hard to get people to follow through.

They don’t attend webinars and summits they’ve signed up for.
They abandon carts.
They’ll even request refunds for products they bought… and never used!
This is a problem for profitability, but it’s also just plain frustrating.
You sell a good product.
It would be amazing if you could:
A) Sell more of it.
B) Get people to use it!
If you struggle to get your customers to take action, then you’re in the right place.
This quiz will reveal your business’ unique Action Cue Formula.

This formula will help you trigger the right buying behaviors in your customers, so that they take action… attend the webinar, buy the product, use the product… and improve their lives.

It’s a quick-answer quiz. (No heavy thinking required.)
But it’s amazingly accurate.

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To learn more about designing every aspect of your business’ marketing to your audience’s unique action cues, visit my website:

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