How Traditional Cooking School Empowers Their Buyers

  • Who is the “Empower Me” buyer?
  • How business owners can answer the “Empower Me” buyer’s questions
  • Creating exciting offers for detail-oriented buyers
  • Uncovering the emotional side of the “Empower Me” buyer is a website that teaches you how to cook… well, traditionally… like founder and lead teacher, Wardee Harmon cooks.

And like her grandma used to cook.

On the surface, it’s about healthy eating, but it’s so much more… 

It’s a life of freedom, of family, a powerful life of joy and fulfillment that comes from following God and His laws of living. 

Yes, Traditional Cooking School will empower you to learn health and vitality-restoring secrets of diet and cooking methods, by Biblical precepts. 

Yet all made easy for modern life.

But, what Wardee Harmon teaches is more than just good cooking, or even good health through proper diet… Wardee teaches a whole way of life. 

Wardee’s Story

On the About page of the Traditional Cooking School website, Wardee describes her journey from a slightly chubby and insecure teenager,

 To a vegetarian, diet and exercise, “skinny-mini” (but no-so-healthy) college co-ed

To a happy and healthy wife and mother of three children and one grandchild. 

Along the way, she re-discovered the cooking of her grandmother, which she and her husband call GNOWFGLINS (God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season) 

Suddenly, she found that her health and happiness, and that of her whole family, improved dramatically.

In doing so, Wardee found her mission: to empower others as she had been empowered, by teaching them to live and eat naturally, as God intended. 

“Take Heart!” she says. “You’re just one meal away from honoring God with whole recipes that follow His design…so you and your family can ‘look good, feel good, do good!’”

Here’s one of her promotions.

And here, she joyously proclaims how her life of natural living, loving, and eating has empowered her very soul.

“Today, our home is filled with more joy than I could have ever dreamed possible. My husband and I both work from home. Over the years, we homeschooled all 3 kids, then our oldest daughter got married, and… today we have a happy, healthy grandson toddling around. My heart is bursting!”

A heart that is bursting. 

A home filled with joy. 

Looking good, feeling good, doing good. 

And it starts with God’s diet, brought to you by The Traditional Cooking School.

That’s a big promise.

And everything about Wardee’s business fulfills on that promise.

Clearly, the marketing for the Traditional Cooking School targets a Christian niche. It also targets the Empower Me Buyer.

Who is the “Empower Me” Buyer? 

The Empower Me Buyer likes to be in control. She wants to understand every step of the buying process and user experience. She asks practical, logistical questions, such as:

  1. How do I start using the product?
  2. What happens if I don’t like it?
  3. Can I return it?
  4. What if I have questions or need help?

The business owner who targets the Empower Me Buyer must offer detailed, forthright, step-by-step answers to these 4 questions. 

Let’s look at how the Traditional Cooking School does this.

When you land on Wardee’s homepage, this is the first thing you see:

This one picture answers the key logical and emotional questions of the Empower Me Buyer. 

Immediately the website visitor sees that this school will take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step to where YOU, the Christian, want to go. (a place for joy and healing) 

And there’s no risk to start. It’s free. 

Questions? Ask Wardee. (Also, the name of her podcast. Very smart.) 

And on the bottom right of every page on this website, there is a question or help button.

On the next page, you are invited to activate your account. On that page, you get more detailed information about what you will receive. And, you are reassured that it is yours free….forever.

Of course, once you have signed up for the free membership, you are invited to become a premium member for a monthly fee, for which you will receive enhanced benefits, like the video version of the 14 courses. 

(Note: This is a smart offer in complete alignment with what a highly logical Empower Me Buyer would want to see.)

How to Create Exciting Offers for Buyers Who Love Details

Below is the description of just one of the 14 courses offered.

For certain buyers, this might be considered too much detail… and possibly boring. But not for the Empower Me Buyer! 

This buyer needs clear organization and wants to know all the details. She needs to have all her large… and small… questions answered. 

(And notice the 30-day money-back guarantee. A good idea for all buyers, of course, but essential to the Empower Me Buyer.)

Another Great Example of How to Use Details in Your Offer

Traditional Cooking School has a detailed FAQ section that takes advantage of the Q&A format the Empower Me Buyer loves:

In other words, we will guide you. 

We will be there to answer your every question. 

You will not get lost, because we will take you there little-by-little, step-by-step.

Where else can you see this detailed approach at work? 

Check out Wardee’s book…

Wardee advertises her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting, on this website. It’s the best book I’ve ever seen on the topic of fermenting. 

And, that kind of step-by-step approach to teaching is everywhere in Traditional Cooking School. Not just the recipes, where that is normal, but everywhere else as well. 

Just look at the great detail on her blog…

Throughout the blog you’ll find simple, how-to, step-by-step articles and videos with titles like these:

Watch The Video, Make The Recipe, Check It Off The List. It’s That Easy!


6 Ways To Get Started With Traditional Foods & Healthy Living


The Easy Way To Garden – Done in 7 Hours Over 4 Days

But just in case the customer gets overwhelmed, Traditional Cooking School brings it all back together, by constantly reassuring the Empower Me Buyer that indeed, she can do it, with messages like this:

But What About the Emotional Side to the Empower Me Buyer?

The emotional key to the Empower Me Buyer is her independence. 

The business owner must respect the buyer’s unique sense of self… the feeling that she is different, and is certainly not ashamed of it. 

Give this buyer choices. 

Show her the way and the steps to take. 

But let her feel that the decision is hers based on the unique path she has chosen for her own life.

Here’s an example of how Traditional Cooking School respects the independent streak of the Empower Me Buyer throughout the website:

Before confirming your enrollment for the free offer, you are directed to this page:

This simple question tells the prospective buyer: “We know you are unique. We respect that you are different.”

And here it is again… In the final call to action to join the premium membership, Traditional Cooking School shows respect for the individuality of the Empower Me Buyer with these words…

Here there’s no pressure. Not even a request for a commitment. 

Instead, it’s a simple invitation to enjoy the benefits of traditional cooking. 

(Note: It’s not an invitation to learn to cook. It’s an invitation to enjoy the benefits of the cooking… family, fun, health, and of course, a delicious meal. This is a subtle but important distinction that Wardee handles beautifully.)

If the customer says yes to the offer, Wardee knows the Empower Me Buyer will recognize for herself the life-changing benefits of the program. No pressure… experience it for yourself.

And to help the customer make the decision, there are endorsements sprinkled throughout the website that seem to be written by Empower Me Buyers… and therefore attractive to them. 

For example:

Notice that in this endorsement, Carleigh sees herself as directing her own fate, and as an active partner in the journey. 

For her, this isn’t a business transaction. 

She is choosing this path (“excited to learn”, “excited to start”), and Wardee is just there to make this choice… this “Challenge” … possible.

Empowering Christian Women to Cook Healthy for Themselves and Their Families

Wardee’s message is always positive. 

From finding fulfillment as a stay-at-home mom, to homeschooling her children, to living close to the land with her extended family, to living a Bible-based life right down to how to cook, this is not how most Americans live today. 

She has carved out a beautiful niche in life, based on her spiritual beliefs and passion for natural foods. And, she has created a business that models that lifestyle for fellow Christians. 

These are people for whom a spirit of independence still flourishes.

A part of that independent spirit is the rejection of the standard American diet of unhealthy processed foods, and a return to the growing and preparing of one’s own food, God’s way… close to nature.

They are also Empower Me Buyers. As such, Wardee Harmon’s Traditional Cooking School has provided a perfect template for the marketing to these buyers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Empower Me Buyer wants to be in control.
  2. Make sure the Empower Me Buyer understands all the steps and details in the process.
  3. Respect her individualistic, and even, contrarian nature.
  4. Respect her freedom to choose the path to empowerment you offer.