Why Your Personality Matters When it Comes to Your Business (and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage)

Your personality is a collection of habits and decisions you’ve made across your lifetime. 

When I first learned this I wondered, what is the original spark that inspires a person to make that very first decision… the decision that becomes the basis for all their habits? 

Not so long ago, a group of linguists (people who study language) started wondering something similar…

They asked, What, if anything, do our words say about our personality? 

To find out, they began a multi-year study in the best possible place for linguists and writers to hang out… the thesaurus.

From the thesaurus, they pulled lots of words. 

Action words. 

Describing words. 



Everything that people use to describe who they are and what they think about, hoping to find the secret to people’s personalities.

Did they succeed? Sort of.

What they discovered was NOT how people make the decisions that become their personality… instead, they discovered something much deeper.

After pulling, sorting, rearranging, stacking, and basically having a blast with all the words that writers drool over, the linguists discovered that there is something underneath a person’s personality.

What’s “underneath” is a substrate that all personality decisions are based on. 

That substrate follows you throughout your life, basically becoming invisible. It’s like the air you breathe. 

Air is all around you, and you couldn’t live without it. But unless it’s a particularly humid or icy day, you probably don’t think about it much.

The other surprising thing the linguists discovered is that even though we have billions of people on our planet, there are only 5 major personality substrates, also called traits.

These traits were proven complete and trustworthy in every country and language that the linguists studied.

Because they were so reliable as a predictor of human behavior, they were called the Big 5 Personality Traits. 

But after that major breakthrough, personality research went through a quiet time all over the world. So the Big 5 faded into the background, and decades went by. 

Recently, the Big 5 has come back from the shadows. Researchers are looking at it seriously again, because it not only shows you who you are now, but it also shows you how you’re likely to behave in the future. 

What does that have to do with the Action Cue Formula? 

The Action Cue Formula is based on the best personality and linguistic models out there. It does 2 cool things.

First, it helps position you better in your business, so you’re operating at your best… 

… not by forcing you to manage yourself better, track your time more, or be more “efficient.”… 

… but by arranging your message, marketing, and media, so they line up with the best version of you. 

For example, if you know you’re a natural entertainer, you might think you get your best reactions from people by clowning around. 

But the reality is, your best customers are the ones who share a sense of mutual respect with you. It’s those customers who will buy from you and keep coming back to hear your next greatest joke.

Second, the Action Cue Formula uses proven two-way, direct-response methods to drive sales. 

This means you don’t have to stand on the proverbial street corner, yelling about how great your products are. Instead, you can join in the conversation that people are already having, so you can sell them products that improve their lives.

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