The 9 Buyers System

Free Book reveals:

 How to Triple Your Sales by Answering

Your Buyer’s 9 Hidden Questions 

People buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. This is a universal truth. The question is: Which emotions? And once you know the emotions, how can you make the best use of them in your marketing materials?

In this book, you’ll discover:


How people make hidden emotional buying decisions, and how to leverage that knowledge.

A proven way to take advantage of the latest in brain science… essentially selling to the heart and the brain at the same time.

Why balancing safety & excitement is the single most important thing you can do to increase sales.

How to cool off your customer’s emotional brakes, and ramp up the excitement “accelerator”, so you can create marketing assets that are powerful and compelling… right out of the gate.

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“Melanie Warren did a great job helping us hone the offer and craft the messaging for the Titanides’ Expert Positioning Mastery Course. She’s brilliant at putting herself into the position of your prospect. She can tap into their deepest desires and describe them in a way that speaks directly to their heart.”

– Marcella Allison

“Melanie Warren has unique and immensely valuable insights into customer psychology. Couple that with her top tier copywriting skills and you’ve got a massive advantage with her in your corner.”

– Kevin Rogers

“I watched Melanie Warren’s video and downloaded her ebook, and used that information to write some Facebook ads for my client. Last I checked, they already made about $1100 off $100 ad spend.”

– Michael Campos Fitness Copywriter