How Community Became a Best-Seller in the Age of Social-Distancing

My neighbor is a retired woman named Jane.* She has the cutest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named, Riley.

Riley is a ball of energy and loves to be petted. Luckly, her leash is over 6 feet long, so we can play.

Two days after the social distancing rule went into effect, Jane was out walking Riley. I asked how she was doing.

She said she was fine.

Then, a shadow passed over her face.

She said, “I know this is weird, but I feel like people are shunning me. 

It’s as though they think I’m germy. 

If anything, I’m the one at risk, so why are people avoiding me? 

They can still talk to me from 6 feet away.”

Her comment shook me, because I’d noticed the same thing.

People avoid me now.

Remember, I live in New England… the capital of “don’t talk to me” land… and still, we are feeling the distance.

Thank goodness I’m an introvert and already skilled at working in isolation, but what if I wasn’t?

What if I was retired like Jane and alone all day every day?

During this time, it’s important for your biz messaging to be as compassionate and on point as possible.

People are struggling. They’re desperately lonely and starved for connection. And they’re willing to spend money on products and services that give them a sense of community.

We used to have a rule in copywriting that “you can’t sell community, because people think of community as a ‘nice to have,’ not an essential.”

I’m watching this old “truth” fall apart in front of my eyes.

If you have a product or service that has a community element, start talking about it in your emails and FB posts. Community has now become a compelling reason to buy.

And if you’re relying on your sales pages to do the heavy lifting, you need to convert the core sales message to short-form copy as soon as possible.

With the stress people are under, attention spans and retention rates are going down… even though people have more time on their hands.

So, make your messages as easy to digest as possible.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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