Mom Turned Mom-preneur? How to Know if You’re Really Ready to Start Your Own Business

When I started my business as a copywriter, I worked a lot of late nights. 

I fed the kids a home-cooked meal promptly at 6pm, read them stories, and tucked them in at 8. Then, I wrote until 2am, got up with the kids at 6am, and started my mom job… 5 kids.

The kids are a little older now.

And, they’re at a sleepover, because the school decided to declare a random day off.

And me? 

I’m writing at midnight, because: why not. 

And because: I got bored of folding laundry.

(BTW, Not all mom-preneurs work at odd hours, but I get my best ideas at midnight. Personal quirk.)

So, may I present: 

The Official-Very-Accurate-and-Important Checklist of

“How to Know if You’re Really Really For-Sure Ready to Start Your Own Business”

(I’m joking about the title, but only a little. You’ll want to check all that apply. It’s important to know when you’re ready, even if the idea of starting a business sends you running for the biggest bowl of ice cream you can find.)

1- You’re tired of thinking of yourself as “just a mom.”

2- If you have to go to one more parent-teacher conference, where nothing gets done, you may melt down.

3- You have something important to say. Possibly lots of important things to say.

4- You believe that family comes first, but you don’t believe in playing second fiddle.

5- You are willing to make yourself heard, even if that means you have to talk louder. Much louder.

6- You love having the support of your family, but you’re willing to keep going, even if they get grumpy.

7- You refuse to apologize for who you are.

8- You’ve seen some things.

9- You know who you are. Or at least, have an inkling.

10- You’re willing to work hard.

11- When your doctor asks you to rate your pain on a level of 1-10, you say, “Well, if childbirth was a 10. Then, this is a 3.” At which point, your doctor says, “Here, let me write you the good prescription. I know you’re telling me the truth.”

12- You reward your kids by saying, “Good effort. Solid work,” because you know that outcomes are a result of going on the journey.

13- You want to contribute to the family income, without sacrificing the family.

14- You’re friendly.

15- You’re coachable. But you choose your coaches ruthlessly, because you want to learn from the best.

16- At least once in your life, you’ve shaken your fist at the sky while saying, “As God as my witness, I will NEVER be hungry again.” (Or something similar.)

17- You’re good with money, even though you may have money “blocks,” money “issues,” and generally wish money grew on trees. And/or, you once stared at a lime tree in Arizona and announced to your friend, “Holy crap, do you know how much money I could get for these limes in Massachusetts! It’s a literal money tree!” (Oh wait, that was me. Never mind.)

18- You’re willing to sit in a room full of people who are completely different from you, because you need the information bad enough that you’re willing to brave the stares to get it… but you really wish someone else could have done this for you.

19- You like hanging out online, and you wish you knew how the “magic show” was created.

20- You ask good questions. And you give good answers.

21- You know what you want.

22- You can keep a secret.

23- You hold onto good ideas like your life depends on it. And when you spot a bad idea, you drop it like a hot potato and never look back.

24- You are ready to make a big shift in your life in the next 6-12 months, but sooner would be even better.

25- People refer to you as a badass… and more and more often these days, you’re inclined to believe them.

So, how did you do? 

Look again at the statements you said yes to. How real do they feel to you? 

If you only said yes to a few of these statements, but you said yes to them with all your soul, then you are probably ready to start your own business.

When I started, I was some of these things… or all of these things… or none of these things, depending on who I was asking or how I felt on any particular day. But after working 100% from home for myself over the last 5 years, I can tell you, it only took a few yeses to change my life.

The same can be true for you.

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