My Mom the Copywriter: An Open Letter from her Daughter

Read this Blog: Open Letter from my Daughter My mom is a copywriter. She creates a blog post everyday. There, she writes about my journey to college and how that affects her outlook on life; she describes her love for education and how it has led her to meet the world’s most fascinating people. When people see those posts, it gives them an opportunity to see her personality. That blog allows people to understand my mom and her values. Readers can understand and connect to her with their similar values.

When I visit a website that would like to sell me a product, I get easily scared off. I see stark white backgrounds and hoards of bold, red arrows. The arrows direct my attention to a video, if you can call it that. This thirty second atrocity starts automatically. I jump out of my seat as the voice of a talking head blows out the speakers I forget to mute. A man tells me that my life is currently incomplete and will be forever unless I send him $95 for his priceless product. I must send that money right away before this offer reaches its unnamed expiration date. If I gather enough courage to scroll down, I am met with a bright, yellow “BUY NOW” button.

Hell no. I do not know you Mr. Talking Head. Why should I send you $95? For all I know you could be using that money to plate your toilet seat in 24 karat gold. And how am I to know I will be receiving a quality product? I do not trust you. Why should I send you my money? I work hard for that money you know. I make $8 an hour chasing around your snot-nosed kid at the daycare that you spend $500 a week to send him to.

But my mom is different kind of salesperson. My mom has readers who return to her site again and again. They wait anxiously until 8 o’clock: the time when her kids finally go to bed and she will be ready to post. They care what she has to say. They trust her opinion. And you know what: If my mom asked them to purchase a $95 product, they would.

My mom uses her blog to build rapport with her readers/clients. And you can too.

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