What if Your Facebook Group Got Banned?

Have you heard? The hottest new social media app, TikTok, might be banned in the United States. 

The news caused influencers on the platform to panic. Many creators spent last week trying to move their TikTok community over to other platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

But even if they can move their groups in time, there’s one fatal–completely avoidable, if they know how–flaw in that plan. The flaw? Influencers do not own YouTube or Instagram (or any similar platform for that matter).

In a previous article, I discussed the hidden dangers of hosting your community on Facebook

Here’s the quick recap: One of the biggest dangers is that you don’t own the list of members who are in your Facebook community. 

Which means, if Mark Zuckerberg decides to get rid of Facebook one day, you will lose contact with your members, your content, and your entire community.

I’m not saying Facebook is going anywhere any time soon, but if it could happen to TikTok, it can happen to Facebook as well. 

Wouldn’t it be better to have strategies in place so you can have control of the community you built from the ground up?

3 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Community, if Facebook Groups Disappeared Tomorrow

Here are 3 ways to make sure you don’t lose touch with your community, starting with:

1 – Build your email list

Your email list is a collection of your most loyal, engaged community members. However, people do not give their email out just to anyone – you need to gain their trust. The best way to build your email list is to have a solid lead magnet that you know your community would want. In exchange for receiving it, they’ll have to enter their email address.

Additionally, if you’re going to start your community on Facebook, make sure to add a section in the questionnaire where new members can enter their email prior to joining the community.

2 – Text or SMS list

A lot of brands are starting to move into this space. Entrepreneurs like Gary Vee and Nomadic Matt have implemented this method as a way to connect with their audiences. Even brands like Lumee and Four Sigmatic offer first purchase discounts if you enter your phone number.

3 – Build your own community off Facebook

Why not just start your own community that isn’t dependent on the existence of a social media platform? This is the best option by far because starting your own community on your own platform will help you build an email list at the same time.

There are some great paid platforms that are built specifically for hosting communities. 

, if you’re looking for a place to start, here’s a list of free community hosting platforms that aren’t Facebook.


  • No matter what, don’t leave the ability to connect with your community in someone else’s hands… especially not a social media platform like Facebook. 
  • If you’re knee-deep in a Facebook group of 1000+ members, start promoting a free gift and a link to get people signed up for your email list ASAP. 
  • Be prepared for some people to not respond to your free gift offer, that’s ok. Your most active and engaged members will respond and they’re the ones that deserve your attention.