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Hi, I am Melanie Saladino, a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, and certified professional coach. I help website owners turn one-time visitors into long-term customers.

Specifically, I create web page content, sales pages and marketing materials that turn curious by-standers into loyal clients.

I show businesses how to create content marketing campaigns based on the latest science on how consumers buy. This is a huge breakthrough and departure from the traditional emphasis on hard sales. It focuses on the idea that consumers love to buy and hate to be sold.

Why Content Marketing Matters to Business Owners

Customers are begging businesses for content! 90% of consumers report that they find custom content useful. 78% of customers feel that receiving good content means that businesses care and want to build great relationships.

But who is going to write all that content? Business owners often struggle with crafting compelling and interesting blog posts, web pages and sales literature. Most importantly, they are overwhelmed with the amount of high-quality writing that their business demands.

The right content marketing strategist can help in two ways: 1) professionally writing interesting and useful materials that customers enjoy and share through social media; and 2) working with you to create content marketing campaigns that capture leads and increase sales.

My Communications Background

I come from a long line of communicators and life-long learners. My mother was a perpetual student who studied Mass Communications. Her master’s thesis project was a video that used Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for getting delinquent ex-husbands to pay child support. I played the part of Alice.

The first time I stepped into a news room, I was hooked. I became obsessed with the idea of helping people share ideas and tell their stories. I spent my summers reading every book I could get my hands on, hanging out in the editing bay with journalists and running the sound board for my local television station.

I have created several books and programs including:

  • Author of Princess Audria’s Paintbrush
  • Author of For Love or $$: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business

I am a member of several industry associations including:

  • Professional Writers’ Alliance
  • International Association of Coaches
  • National Association of Independent Writers & Editors

My Copywriting Perspective

I stand at the crossroads of journalism, consumer psychology and education. I have 19 years experience in teaching all ages. I have taught Algebra to people with math allergies, breast cancer gene research to regular folks and nutrition to kids who would rather eat Doritos.

Is Professional Copywriting Right for You?

To learn more about how a custom marketing message strategy can increase your sales, please contact me directly at melanie@MelanieSaladino.com.