Hi, I am Melanie Warren.

I’m a marketing strategist and direct response copywriter.

I developed the 9 Buyers System to help marketers and business owners overcome buyer objections, so they can increase sales.

What I’m Passionate About

My passions are buyer psychology, curriculum development, and business development coaching for freelancers.

Fun fact: I have 19 years experience teaching to all ages. I have taught breast cancer gene research to regular folks, Algebra to people with math allergies, and nutrition to kids who would rather eat Doritos.

Who I Help

I write for the alternative health, and homemaking–cooking and crafting–niches.

But the 9 Buyers System works for all niches, because people are people no matter what they happen to be buying.

To learn more about how the 9 Buyers System can help you increase sales, please send an email to: support@9BuyerSystem.com.