“Hey, do you remember that time?” [Secrets from the Muse]

For me, it’s the giant wooshing sound I hear when my writing starts to flow…
… that’s the moment when I enter my customer’s world.
We have lift-off… rapport.
I hear my Buyer’s “muse” whisper in my ear.
She sounds like this: “Did you say this? What about that? Hey, do you remember that time…?”
And we’re off…
… she and I…
… writing to customers and solving problems. Bliss.
Technically, there are 4 parts to creating rapport in your writing.
They are:
  1. Knowledge: Information from multiple sources… put together so it makes sense.
  2. Expertise: Knowledge + personal experience… applied it to a new situation.  You can’t buy expertise – you earn it through years of doing.
  3. Interest: You care… and you’re going to continue to care for as long as it takes.
  4. Understanding: You get it. You’ve made the mistakes, felt the thrill of success, and understand why some strategies worked… and why some failed. You’ve obsessively watched other experts and picked apart their methods, and you are constantly applying your knowledge and watching the outcomes.
You’re the wizard who watches, tries, learns, loves, and grows.
You’re the cheerleader who says, “The world is an ever-expanding field of possibilities. Let me show you the way.”
They can trust you to steer them in the right direction, because you’re the real deal.

Plus, you have a muse who sits on your right shoulder.

Not everyone gets one of those, you know.

Most people would kill to have their very own muse.

Do you have a writer’s muse… or something else that inspires you to write? How does inspiration show up for you?

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