How to banish a harsh inner critic…

Today I got a thank you note that blew my mind.

This woman… a fellow female copywriter that I respect and admire… said, “Thank you for helping me overcome my especially harsh inner critic.”

And this blew my mind because:

I have such a heart for “action writers”… ie: anyone who writes for the purpose of getting others to change their minds or take action.

When you write to sell, the stakes are high.

There is time, money, energy, and emotion on the line.

It’s a highly-charged situation for the buyer and the seller.

And it’s the copywriter’s job to bring all that emotion together and convert it into real dollars… all the while, keeping their own inner demons in check.

This is no journey for fools or wimps!

Only the bravest need apply.

And yet, they do.

New writers keep coming.

And they promise to be humble and learn at the feet of the masters… and they make good on that promise.

They write. They learn. They get good. They get REALLY good.

And yet, they still struggle with their inner demons.

So part of the reason I write my emails the way I do, is to let you know this: 

You’re not alone.

What you do matters.

It’s okay to feel your feelings… struggle… fight… and generally drive yourself crazy.


When you’re ready, it’s okay to let all that stuff go… and just write.

Write raw.  

Write what you feel.

Write as clearly and specifically and emotionally as you can.

Then add a Buy Now button to the bottom of that letter and SHIP IT.

And then, if you want, you can call me.

I’ll help you blow off that “holy crap, I can’t believe I just hit ‘send'” fog that’s hanging all around you.

I want you to take good care of yourself.


What you think, and how you feel, matter.

In this industry, your mindset is everything.

Take care of yourself.

If you need an assist, hit reply to this email and tell me about it.

I know this isn’t my regular offer, but it’s important.

And what’s the use of being a certified mindset coach, if I can’t use those skills to help my colleagues?

I’ve kept my passion for coaching on the down-low for long enough.

Us writers need to stick together…

This is the link to my calendar. Use it. I’m here for you.

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