The kids just got on the bus. Can we chat?

It’s early here.

My babies are on the school bus… girls… ages 8, 12, and 14.

I’ve got a homemade mocha by my side.

“Vat” size.

And I hear the low hum of the occasional truck rumbling by my kitchen window.

White noise.


Checking my email, I noticed some new subscribers to my email list.

This makes me smile.

I love new people.

I’m selfish that way… new people are magic, and I love to meet them.

So while I’ve got coffee in hand, I want to share some hard news with you:

My grandpa died on Wednesday.

He was 94. He had liver cancer. And a bad heart.

My sister and I hoped his heart would just stop, one day.

It’s an instant painless way to go.

And that’s what happened.

All day Tuesday, he told jokes and WWII stories about seeing Bob Hope on the golf course.

​​​​​​​And then he went to sleep, and didn’t wake up.

​​​​​​​I loved that man to the moon.

I’ve been hearing him in my head all week.

And the biggest thing he’s been telling me is this:

Mind your business.

He means it 2 very nice ways:

1- Mind your own business, and

2- Stop minding other people’s business.

This can be tricky, because I’m a teacher and coach at heart. So, often my job IS to mind other people’s business.

But it boils down to this:

1- Your own business: Focus on tasks that help you get where you’re going. Basically, focus on the “grocery money”. Follow up on leads. Send invoices. Do solid work. Build strong relationships with your best clients. Think: calm, steady, knowable, repeatable.

2- Other people’s business: This isn’t particularly altruistic, but “minding other people’s business” means you don’t have the mental space to get your own work done. So if you’re a teacher, like I am… teach the concept, then back up a little, and let the person give it a try on their own. It’s okay to keep caring and wanting the best for them, but let them do the work. Shorter: Hover, but don’t smother.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I saw the email link go out today for Kevin Roger’s Copy Chief Radio. I’m the guest on this week’s episode. And I talk about how I built a freelance career from nothing… zero samples, no clients, no experience… to doing my first $2M solo launch in 22 months.

​​​​​​​And I did it all from a coffee shop, because I was in the middle of moving my family to a new house… everything was in boxes, and we didn’t have internet.

​​​​​​​So the coffee shop totally saved my fanny.

Here’s my point: You can go from nothing to something extraordinary, in a short period of time, if you “mind your business”.

Some people use that phrase to mean “butt out of my life”, but I’m using it to mean “keep your eyes on the prize”.

You are 100% worth it. You know how to do good work. You get better at it every day.

And. You know how to mind your business.

If you get stuck, I teach and coach copywriters inside Copy Chief. Here’s the link to the waitlist.

I also help biz owners get their own launches headed in the right direction, by writing emotional, story-based sales letters and emails. The link to my calendar is here.

That’s all for today.

Go listen to the episode.

I’m going to get more coffee.

*big hug*


Melanie Saladino

Direct Response Copywriter

9 Buyers Customer Avatar Expert

ASK Method Architect

P.S. Here’s the link to my calendar. There’s a fee, but it’s well worth it, because we get lots done. The link is here for when you need it. Click here to sort out what’s going on with your customers and get them buying more of your products.

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