My client just did $2 million in sales in 1 week!

Late breaking news!!

I just heard back from my client, and the numbers are in:

My copy produced $2 million in sales in 1 week!!

Here’s the back story:

A week before I discovered that fateful orange eviction notice on my windshield, I took on a copywriting project.

It was a launch for a big ticket, 3-day marketing workshop, being held internationally.

And the launch date was over my family’s annual beach vacation.

So I had to complete the sales letter and 16 emails in 7 weeks.

While packing.

And house-hunting.

And graduating kids from 3 schools.

And just generally freaking out.

But today, the client called me for the wrap-up call, and here’s what he said:

  • Last year, his launch did $750k. This year, it did $2 million. (For the same product.)
  • He got a 25%-35% open rate on every email, with a less than 0.1% unsubscribe rate.

He said his success hinged on 5 factors:

  1. Sending more emails (He sent out 16 emails, versus 5 emails on the last launch.)
  2. Better copy on the sales pages and emails. (More emotional and more story-telling were the keys to success here.)
  3. Having a more detailed sales page. (Long copy for the win!)
  4. Having a better process in place for moving the customers through the buying experience.
  5. Having focused on building credibility over the entire year, through the blog and nurturing the community.

Do you see how 3 of the Top 5 “needle movers” are copy driven? Isn’t that magical?!

Copywriters are so important to the sales process. So keep writing! It helps. It really does.

And stay close to your community. This job was a direct referral from Kevin Rogers in Copy Chief. I’m so grateful.

So, be huge. Be amazing. And go write more copy!

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