Thank you for celebrating with me :-)

After I sent yesterday’s email about my $2M sales letter, people started flooding my inbox with congratulations messages.

It feels awesome.

Thank you!

And as I was replying to one person in particular, it occurred to me that there’s a useful lesson in here about setting yourself up for success.

So, I decided to send it to you as well.

Here’s the email I sent (I deleted the name to protect privacy.):



Thank you! I’m so thrilled and a little overwhelmed by all the excitement in my life these last few weeks.
I would love to send you a link to the page, but the client specifically asked me not to share it. He felt that having me as the ghost writer made the most sense for his business.
I’m of two minds about that: I love being a secret weapon, but I’m also an artist who loves to share her work.
So, for now, I’m keeping the letter in the vault.
I can tell you though, that the secret to success was this:
  • I decided in advance that this was going to be a multi-million dollar launch. 
  • I trusted the biz owner to give me good feedback, because he knows his business better than me. 
  • I trusted my writing skills. 
  • And I trusted my understanding that people are people… no matter how expensive the product is.
After that, it was just this:
Be yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

Much love,

Melanie Saladino

Direct Response Copywriter

Customer Avatar Expert

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