Fear, s’mores, and the lost FB group

tl;dr: The pizza was weird. The theme is Focus. I recommend the S’mores.

My brain plays tricks on me.

I hear (or read) things, then I forget about them. And they come back to haunt me at mysterious times.

For example, I’m out for pizza with my kids tonight. We’re trying out a new place, because my friend Aaron says it’s great, and because I have to try the Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza (I’m a very adventurous eater).

So halfway through dinner, I hear Kevin’s voice say: “I’m shutting down our Facebook ASK group this Friday. If you need to harvest anything, go get it now.”

And of course, I totally ignored this advice the first time it went through my head, several days ago. So all of a sudden, it seems like the biggest emergency ever. But I’m up to my elbows in greasy Cheeseburger Pizza, and there’s no way I’m walking away to deal with a work thing.

Outcome: The Cheeseburger pizza was delicious. The Mashed Potato pizza was weird (I know, I know. But I still had to try it, you know?) But the absolute highlight of the meal was the S’mores dessert pizza. Chocolate and marshmallows toasted and bubbling on top of a graham cracker crust. Delicious… and so fun to look at.


The work thing.

I harvested this bit of content from the FB group before it disappeared forever.

Here it is. It might help you:

[…] fear is one of my favorite emotions. It’s where all the action happens.

I’m thrilled to be here, and can’t wait to see where ASK takes me.

I’m coming up on my 2 Year Anniversary with Kevin in Copy Chief.

And every year, I pick a theme.

Last year’s theme was Fun.

And I had a lot of fun. I developed the 9 Buyers System, and used it in a bunch of niches, from traditional cooking to affiliate marketing.

And I learned that in every niche, people are people.

So, if you know the people… and you’re not afraid to be super clear with your message… then you’re gonna be a-okay.

At the point, getting the sale is almost a non-issue.

So this year’s theme is Focus.

And I’ve been looking for a fun, specific, life-giving way to apply that focus. Something that can hold up to all the energy I’m going to throw at it… and then I saw ASK.

And that was a match, because I believe that:

“She who asks the questions, holds the power.”

Plus, I’m curious about everything… and I like to ask questions.

(And I dig a spreadsheet… and a scoring system… 🙂 )

So, thank you very much for the welcome. Let’s do this!

<end FB post> 

Much love,

Melanie Saladino

Direct Response Copywriter

Customer Avatar Expert



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